Lee Smith
(Creator/Artist - Ohio Chronicles)
Lee SmithLee Smith was born in Miami, Florida a half century ago. He was transported, against his will, to Southeastern Ohio as a child. From the foothills of Appalachia and without the aid of Kubert School’s Cartooning Correspondence Courses (CCC), he still created comics. In 1985, realizing there were few marketing avenues available for comic books in Southeast Ohio, Lee Smith changed majors and became an elementary school teacher. After 20+ years of teaching he realized three things: 1.) Comic books (and graphic novels) could be used to teach children. 2.) Lee Smith could draw and write such comic books. 3.) Writing about oneself in the third person seems incredibly arrogant. He returned to creating comic books in April 2011 and has created Ohio Chronicles, the first comic book anthology depicting Ohio History.
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