Layzie Bone

(Rapper - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony)

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Layzie Bone


Layzie Bone (born September 23, 1974 as Steven Howse) is rapper and hip-hop artist known primarily for being a member of the group Bone Thugs-n-Harmony. He has also has gone by the names L-Burna and The #1 Assassin. He is the younger brother of fellow group member Flesh-N-Bone. He is also a member of the rap group Bone Brothers and CEO of the record label Mo Thugs Records.

Here are a few of Layzie Bones credits:


Thug by Nature (2001)

It's Not a Game (2005)

Thug Brothers (2006) (with Young Noble)

The New Revolution (2006)

Cleveland (2006)

Startin from Scratch: How a Thug Was Born (2007)

Thugz Nation (2008)

Finally (2008) (with A.K. of Do or Die)

Thug Twinz (2009) (with Big Sloan)

We Workin (2009) (with G'sta)

Thug Luv (2011)

The Definition (2011)

The Meaning (2011)