Larry Blamire

(Artist - The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra) *Appearing at Romper Zombie Booth

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Larry Blamire


Larry Blamire is a writer, director, and artist, best known for the cult film hit THE LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA (in which he plays the lead role of Dr. Paul Armstrong), released by Sony in 2004, as well its followups THE LOST SKELETON RETURNS AGAIN, DARK AND STORMY NIGHT and TRAIL OF THE SCREAMING FOREHEAD. He is currently prepping a third Lost Skeleton film, THE LOST SKELETON WALKS AMONG US.

Blamire worked for years as a sci-fi magazine illustrator, and is the creator of the epic steampunk project STEAM WARS that is rapidly gaining momentum ( through a brand new partnership with Jerrick Ventures, involving graphic novels, action figures, trading cards, games and eventually film.

Blamire's western horror short stories are collected in TALES OF THE CALLAMO MOUNTAINS and he's also the creator of the popular webseries paranormal spoof TALES FROM THE PUB. Blamire is married to actress Jennifer Blaire and they have an insane 2 1/2-year old son, Griffin.