Lance Sawyer

(Artist - Dreadful, Trading Card Artist - Star Wars; Indiana Jones; Terminator: Salvation; Jim Mahfood Mix Tapes; Zombies vs. Cheerleaders; Marvel Masterpieces 3)

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Lance Sawyer


Residing in California, Lance is known for his well rounded abilities in illustration and art. His strong desire to create edgy and distinctive work has provided an ongoing journey through the sketchcard industry and comics. Companies and Properties he's worked on range from Topps Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Terminator: Salvation sets, 5Finity's Jim Mahfood Mix Tapes and Zombies vs Cheerleaders, Upper Deck's Marvel Masterpieces 3, Sadlittles Fem Force, and the newest releases from Cult-Stuff. His current comic with Mark Slater, Dreadful is available both in the United States and Canada.