Kurt Dinse
(Creator/Illustrator - One Year in Indiana)
Kurt DinseExchanging a life of sleeping on people’s floors and malnutrition, for sitting behind a small table peddling his self-published comics, kurt Dinse (pronounced dinz) finally has found his calling. Comics and nerddom have always been a major pat of kurt’s upbringing, but it was only five short years ago that his creative processor was resurrected in the form of a “Mildly Autobiographical” mini comic called “One Year in Indiana”.

A tale of loss, confusion, and a new life on a college campus in the Hoosier State. The stories became so easy to write, draw and publish that he has been continuing to tell his bizarre tales ever since then. His stories of his wacky misadventures the 19th state have been featured by Young American Comics and Fan-Atic Press.

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