Kurly Tlapoyawa
(Actor - Crank: High Voltage; Gamer; The Stink of Flesh; Slumber Party Slaughterhouse: The Game)
Kurly TlapoyawaKurly Tlapoyawa is a New Mexico-based actor, stuntman, author and filmmaker. An accomplished martial artist, he starred in the cult-hit horror film The Stink of Flesh. Kurly’s extensive fight and stunt work on that film brought him to the attention of Hollywood and launched his career, starting with a featured role fighting Gerard Butler in Gamer. He was the stunt double for Luis Guzman in the Arnold Schwarzenegger blockbuster The Last Stand, and did stunts on Mark Wahlberg’s comic-inspired action film 2 Guns. Kurly co-wrote the book “Direct Your Own Damn Movie” with legendary cult director Lloyd Kaufman, and runs stunt workshops aimed at helping independent filmmakers with their action sequences.
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