Kristin Sirota (BenaeQuee)

(Cosplayer/ Seamstress/ Jewelry Designer/ Model)

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Kristin Sirota (BenaeQuee)


Kristin Sirota, also known as BenaeQuee to her friends, has been an avid costumer since she was 8 years old. She is a self taught seamstress, jewelry designer, model, and hula hoop dancer. She can often be found with a special break-apart hula hoop in her purse, ready to dance at a moment's notice! She has also done extras work in various fields, including Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's Paul where she was a Slave Leia and in HBO's Bored to Death as Catwoman.

She has been attending conventions since 2002 after meeting her now husband. She started out helping the Star Wars costuming groups, The Rebel Legion, and The 501st as characters such as Princess Leia and an Imperial Officer. Preferring to make her own costumes from scratch, she will spend time researching the tiniest details and even going as far as designing and having custom printed fabric made to perfectly replicate a costume's original or hand sequining Dorothy's Ruby Slippers. She also enjoys other fandoms as well; such as Doctor Who, Firefly, Battle Star Galactica, Lord of the Rings, and studying historical garments/accessories. Her favorite character to portray at the moment is Amy Pond from Doctor Who. After being convinced that she was a dead ringer, she took it to heart and set out to create her famous Kiss-O-Gram costume. She has won numerous costume contests for her various works over the years.

Kristin is an accomplished hoop dancer, appearing at private parties and events such as Star Wars Celebration V and Book Expo America. She resides in Brooklyn and is a Senior Tech Support Rep by day for a small GPS company.

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