Kris Cagle
(Artists - Atomic Robo pinup (Red5), The Living Corpse (DE), Tesseract - CCP Comics)
Kris CagleKris Cagle is a freelance artist living in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife Stephanie and son Nolan. After pursuing music for a period of time into his mid-twenties, Kris came back to his original love of comic-art. Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Mark Silvestri heavily influenced me growing up, and countless other artists in the field that led him to drawing with the same high-energy/hyper detail styles of his influences. Kris has done various design projects ranging from concept design for apartment development to promotional work for Jose Qeurvo/Texas Rangers Baseball; constantly turning down projects to pursue comics, where his true passion is. We should see a lot of his work in the future. He has already popped up in Red5 comics providing promotional work for “Atomic Robo: The Deadly Art of Science” and now Dynamite Entertainment’s “The Living Corpse: Exhumed.” Kris is wrapping up the first issue of the Creator owned project “Tesseract” with writer Rob Bass, a comic about inter-dimensional warfare between characters of original creation as well as some of the greatest minds in history. Fans of S.H.I.E.L.D, Green Lantern, The Authority, X-Men should get a kick out of this book. “I am trying to bring back the team book that I fell in love with as a kid” -Kris Cagle
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