Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus
(Fan Group)
Intergalactic Krewe of ChewbacchusThe Intergalactic Krewe of Chewbacchus is a parade organization for the most revelrous of Star Wars Freaks, Trekkies, Whovians, Mega-Geeks, Circuit Benders, Cryptozooligists, UFO Conspiracy Theorists, and all the rest of Super Nerdom.

We are Bacchanalian Revelry + Sci Fi = BacchanALIENS.

The krewe is the product of a collaboration between 3 Ring Circus Arts Education Center (a New Orleans based non-profit) and mad scientist/artist Ryan S Ballard (AKA Dr. Razzamataz). The Chewbacchus parade will roll on March 6th, 2011 and includes a Bar2D2 float pulled by an X-Wing Fighter, giant puppets, Flying Saucer UFlambOs, and a fleet of custom Sci Fi inspired Art Bicycles and contraptions.

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