Krewe du Who
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Krewe du WhoWhovians UNITe Krewe Du Who wants YOU! Krewe Du Who is an open group for fans of the long running BBC One television series Doctor Who.

Krewe Du Who is a fan group open to Doctor Who fans, new and old. We are made up of Doctor Who fans whose first Whovian memories are of 4th Doctor Tom Baker, as well as of Doctor Who fans whose first Whovian memories are of 11th Doctor Matt Smith.

Our membership is over 375 strong and consists of fans of the New Series, Classic Series and All things Doctor Who! We are fans of Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures, Big Finish Audio Dramas and all Whoniverse related spin off media.

Originally formed in New Orleans Louisiana, we have membership around the world. Our Facebook Group, , is a portal for Doctor Who fans young and young at hearts to keep in touch across light years and millenia to plan and participate in Doctor Who related events.

Although Krewe Du Who is a busy online group, we also celebrate our favorite 900 year old Time Lord through a myriad of social activities:

Creating Doctor Who costumes for Cosplay meetups and photoshoots.

Hosting convention fan tables and panel discussions.

Gatherings for Doctor Who viewings and gaming events.

Creating Doctor Who prop replicas for convention appearances.

Creating Doctor Who themed floats for our Chewbacchus Mardi Gras parade contingent.

Last, but not least, hanging out with fellow Whovians!

Please come by the Krewe Du Who Fan Group table and see our full scale mobile K-9 robot dog and TARDIS.

Join us on Facebook at Email at
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