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GCD EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER Wolverine Statue & Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks by Kotobukiya @ Anaheim Comic Con

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GCD EXCLUSIVE WORLD PREMIER Wolverine Statue & Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks by Kotobukiya @ Anaheim Comic ConKotobukiya, makers of toys, collectibles and statues, will be debuting two exciting pieces next week at Anaheim Comic Con. Fans and collectors will be able to get first looks at the Kotobukiya Collection X-Men Danger Room Sessions Wolverine Fine Art Statue and Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks Sets, April 16-18 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

Ever since the early days of Marvel Comics’ mutant adventures, “X” teams have trained together in the ultra high tech facility known as the Danger Room. Part of Professor Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters (or “X-Mansion”), the subterranean Danger Room is equipped with state of the art adaptive combat and athletics routines that challenge each participant in unique ways. The training facility has been featured prominently in X-Men comics over the years, as well as in various cartoons and the third X-Men film. First up in this new series is the most popular mutant of them all, WOLVERINE!

The classic mutant is in full berserker rage as he takes on everything the Danger Room can throw at him! With his wicked adamantium claws unsheathed and a feral snarl on his face, Wolverine is more than a match for any training program. The fantastic sculpt on the vicious mutant highlights his powerful muscles and classic uniform, which is further brought to life in vivid blue and yellow. And the best part? Wolverine comes with two unique heads so you can display the X-Man exactly as you prefer him – wearing his uniform cowl or bareheaded with his shaggy mane flying free!

Sculpted by Erick Sosa, Wolverine stands approximately 9 inches tall an amazing exclusive base. Every mutant in the Danger Room Sessions series is mounted on a unique Danger Room holographic environment with translucent parts that glow with a built-in LED light in the base! Don’t miss out on Wolverine and the entire Danger Room series.

After the amazing response to the first series of Star Wars Lightsaber Chopsticks, Kotobukiya is proud to announce a second series of high quality chopsticks sets recreating the iconic Jedi and Sith weapons from the Star Wars films. These awesome new additions are available in two varieties, the LIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKS SET – DARTH MAUL & LUKE SKYWALKER (EP6) and LIGHTSABER CHOPSTICKS SET – DARTH MAUL & MACE WINDU.

Suitable for eating sushi or defending the galaxy, the chopsticks’ lightsaber blades are cast in translucent material. All new chopsticks sets (green Luke Skywalker lightsabers from Return of the Jedi, red Darth Maul lightsabers from A Phantom Menace, and all new purple Mace Windu lightsabers from Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith) measure over 9” long, and a special bonus connector piece lets you turn the Darth Maul chopsticks into a fun double-bladed lightsaber! Like the first series of lightsaber chopsticks, each new set includes translucent Star Wars logo chopstick rests. Colorful and exciting, the lightsaber chopsticks are fun for the whole family!

Both items are scheduled to be available at retail in October.
Anaheim Comic Con runs from April 16-18, 2010 at the Anaheim Convention Center. This major pop-culture convention brings together fans of comics, toys, collectibles and offers a chance to see actors, writers, artists that each industry has to offer.

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