Konstantin Komardin


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Konstantin Komardin is an award-winning Russian sequential artist, graphic artist and animator currently living in Moscow. This marks his first appearances in the United States, providing a rare opportunity to see some amazing originals never before offered in the US. Konstantin was born in Ekaterinburg, where he fell in love with sequential art as a child, and went on to attend the Academy of Book Design. And has worked with numerous publishing houses on book covers and interior illustrations, while also working with anthology magazines in the role of graphic artist.

Some of his published work includes the BD magazines Veles, Hacker, Max Cooler, Moulin Rouge, Timof which published his story 'siberian Dreams, and the renowned comics Agent Z, 'sit-o-city, Gate of Alice, and Mechanics of Senses. Other works include the upcoming Judge Dredd project, and the Russian/Polish project City Stories. Konstantin was awarded the Grand Prize for The Site of Polis at the Moscow Comics Festival in 2003.

A talented illustrator for print, Konstantin is also an award-winning animator as mentioned. His works include the concept designs on Elka, Man with the Wind in his Head which appeared in the Suzdal Film Festival in 2008, Tram, 'spindel which was honored at the Moscow Short Film Festival in 2010, and The Man in Penze Nez, which screened at both the Suzdal Film Festival and the Moscow International Film Festival in 2010.

Several shorts by Konstantin will he aired at the convention, including How I Lost 21 Grams, and The Man With the Wind in His Head, so check your programming for time and place. Konstantin will be in artist alley sketching throughout the show.

For more information on Konstantin and his work be sure to visit him at his table in artist alley. For information on ordering sketches before the show, contact Renee at evaink@aol.com

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