Koi Turnbull

(Artist - Batman: Arkham; Heroic Age; Fathom; Wolverine; Superman; Batman; Green Lantern; The Flash; Heroes)

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Koi Turnbull


Koi Turnbull was born in Elmhurst, Queens New York. He spent most of his upbringing in New York, but in 1991 at the age of 13 he moved to Asheboro, North Carolina. In Asheboro, he spent six years learning about comics while working at a comic store. In 1997 he moved back to New York in order to pursue a career in that industry, working on various background projects for Marvel artists Adam Pollina and Walter McDaniel.

In 2002, Turnbull moved back to Asheboro, North Carolina. That same year, Turnbull showed his art samples to Aspen MLT's Vice President of Publishing, Peter Steigerwald, and Executive Vice President, Frank Mastromauro, at the Wizard World Chicago convention. After being hired by Aspen, Turnbull moved to Santa Monica, California in 2003, working in their Marina Del Rey studio, working on multiple Fathom comic series.

Since Aspen, Turnbull has gone on to work for other publishers such as DC comics and Marvel Comics. He is currently working with Marvel Comics and a member of Atlanta based HeadHunta' Studios along with other industry members Nathan Massengill, Dave Wilkins, and Tony Washington, to name a few.

Art Credits include: Heroic Age: One Month To Live, Wolverine: Killing Made Simple, New Warriors, Terror, Inc. Apocalypse Soon, Batman & the Outsiders and Batgirl too name a few.