Khoi Pham
(Artist - Scarlet Spider; Cyber Force; Daredevil; X-Men; The Incredible Hercules; Mighty Avengers)
Khoi PhamKhoi Pham is an American comic book artist, he is best known for his work on The Incredible Hercules and Mighty Avengers.

Before becoming a comic book artist Khoi Pham was a criminal defence lawyer. He was for a time being both a lawyer and artist before the middle of his run on The Incredible Hercules when he left his job as a lawyer, but kept his licence at his mother's request, and became a full time comic book artist.

He is also a member of Ten ton studios, a group of comic book artists who go around comic book conventions together showing off their work.

He is the current artist for Marc Silvestriís Cyberforce and Marvelís Scarlet Spider.
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