Kevin Stokes

(Artist - Guardian Project; Departure; Hidden Worlds; Extinction; Splitsville; Tiger Style; Forever’s Future)

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Kevin Stokes is currently working on the 'The Guardian Project' for Stan Lee and the NHL where he is penciling and co-inking the project with his studio partner Nathan Massengill. He is penciling/inking the comic adaptation of the novel 'The Berserker and the Pedant'; Kevin was the penciler/inker for DC's 'Secret Origins Deadman' and has also penciled for Dynamite Comics on 'Pathfinder'. He has co-created 'Splitsville'; a 3 issue mini-series that is a superhero parody , as well as done work for the independent on-line comic strip called 'Gutters' where he penciled and inked various strips. Kevin has Ghost inked several DC and Marvel books where he inked over such great characters as Batman, X-Men, and Spider-man to name a few. His independent co-creations and other books include: Departure, Hidden Worlds, Extinction, Splitsville, and Tiger Style; all in various stages of being released. He was the artist for Image's 'shut Up and Die!, inked for DC's Jimmy Olsen, has also worked on the sixth season of 'smallville TV series. On the side he is also a caricature artist for various social events. He is currently

Credits Include: Jimmy Olsen, Guardian Project, Shut and Die, Departure, Gutters, Gold Digger, Savage Family (Knight Press), Extinction, Splitsville, Tiger Style, and Hidden Worlds.