Kevin R. Sexton

(Artist - Vampyres: Dalton Nights and Paranormal Chasers)

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Kevin R. Sexton


I have been a comic book artist for the past eight years but, an artist for the past 38 years. I have completed my own line of comic books entitled: Vampyres: Dalton Nights and Paranormal Chasers and am a self published writer. I have completed several short films highlighting these books and am currently in the final stages of production for what is the best so far.

Over the last four years I have become a sculptor and have recently began producing my own line of action figures and trophies for local teams. My sculpting capabilities have grown and earned me awards at past conventions such as Wonderfest in Louisville, KY for my diorama of Indiana Jones as well as my sculpture simply titled Minotaur. I am currently working on several commissioned products and look forward to becoming a fulltime sculptor and artist in the very near future.