Kevin Johnson

(Lead Artist - Media Monsters)

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Kevin Johnson


Kevin Johnson is the lead artist for Media Monsters. He is an Austin native independent comic book artist currently living in San Antonio. Kevin is the penciller, colorist, inker and letterer for EVERCROSS. He has worked on several animated shorts and movie intros for independent productions around the state. The success of EVERCROSS is largely due to his over-the-top kinetic action sequences and animated character designs. His background is in 3D animation and storyboarding.

EVERCROSS is presented as a supernatural western. The story is a parallel of the American story, from the aftermath of the Civil War to the period of modernization. Thematically, the book plays with horror and magical elements to compel the readers with fantastic and exaggerated actual historical events. The comic book will be published as a miniseries running 12 issues long.

EVERCROSS is MEDIA MONSTERS first comic book.