Kevin Freeman

(Managing Editor - Ape Entertainment, Writer - SubCulture; Shrek; Richie Rich)

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Kevin Freeman


Kevin Freeman is the Managing Editor of small press publisher Ape Entertainment (, publisher of such popular titles as Super Human Resources, The Black Coat, and Athena Voltaire. He has written for a number of kid-friendly properties, including Shrek, Richie Rich, and the UFO Chronicles. His current magnum opus, however, is the critically-acclaimed twice-weekly webcomic SubCulture, which began as a four issue mini-series in 2007 and has continued as a webcomic ever since. He also is working on a super-secret project with artist Des Taylor. In real life, he is a professor of international relations at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. He is also a self-proclaimed Evil Genius for a Better Tomorrow. Keep up with SubCulture at