Kevin Budnik
(Artist - Linework; Our Ever Improving Living Room)
Kevin BudnikKevin Budnik is a native Chicagoan. He was born here in1989 and has resided on the north side most of his life. He will likely die no more than ten miles outside the city limits.

He currently attends Columbia College Chicago where he is majoring in Illustration.

Kevinís work has been featured in several student publications including Echo Magazine and Passport, as well as the now defunct independent zine, Lucid Riot. Most notably, in 2010 he contributed a strip to the first issue of Linework, an anthology of comics featuring the work of many talented Columbia College students and alumni. Kevin, along with fellow cartoonists Nick Drnaso and Max Morris, co-edited the second issue of Linework for release in spring 2011.

In September 2010, Kevin began drawing the daily journal comic Our Ever Improving Living Room, which he publishes on his website. Our Ever Improving Living Room has been slowly garnering attention online, and has been featured as a weekly strip in The Suffolk Journal, the newspaper of Bostonís Suffolk University. He has self- published several print volumes of the comic as well.

Prior to that, he self-published the (poorly drawn) mini comic ďReasons Why a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich is Better Than My Ex-Girlfriend.Ē Though he is ashamed to look back on it due to its laughable quality, he found publishing his first mini it to be a valuable learning experience and his work has no doubt improved since.

When he isnít drawing comics, Kevin works as an usher at The Royal George Theater. He is a veritable shepherd of people.

For more of Kevin Budnikís work, visit his website:

If you donít like his work, please donít tell him, heís very sensitive.
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