Ken Lashley
(Artist - Superman; Justice League of America; Action Comics; Batwing; Suicide Squad; LucasFilm; Blackhawks; Black Panther; King Size Cable; The Flash; Legion of Super-Heroes; JLA 80-Page Giant; Lady Deadpool; Avengers Assemble; X-Men: Legacy; Supergirl)
Ken LashleyKen Lashley has been a drawing comics for over 15 years. he is currently doing covers for DC comics on such titles as Superman, Superboy, Earth 2, Suicide Squad, Ravagers, Talon, Batwing, Team Seven and Blackhawks.

Ken drew the villains month issue of ZOD as well as the hologram covers for Solomon Grundy and Desaad issues. Ken is currently drawing the 38pg SUPERMAN DOOMED issue #1. Itís the new 52 version of the Superman Doomsday battle from years gone by.
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