Ken Kelly
(Painter - Batman; Star Wars; Star Trek; Creepie; Eerie)
Ken KellyThroughout a career spanning over 40 years, Ken Kelly has achieved an international reputation as one of a handful of master painters of sword and sorcery/heroic fantasy. Ken Kelly got his start doing covers for Famous Monsters magazines, but it wasn’t till he painted both the Destroyer and LoveGun covers for KISS that Ken Kelly became noticed around the globe. Ken’s ever evolving carrier has produced a tremendous amount of book covers (his Conan covers being some of his most beloved works); card sets, calendars; and artwork for toy companies Mattel and Mego.

Music fans will recognize his work on album covers for bands Manowar, Rainbow, Coheed & Cambria, Four Years Strong and others.

Ken Kelly’s current releases include a Limited Edition Sculpture based on his “Death’s End” painting (sculpted by Tony Cipriano) and hand painted by Ken Kelly himself ! New covers for both Creepy and Eerie and Famous Monsters magazines, And two new calendars for 2012 – “Vampirella” and ”Barbarians.”

He is currently working on the “Chronicles of Creighton Craven,” three new books each jam packed with full color plates of Ken’s art depicting the many battles and adventures of this new hero!

Other large projects are in the wings, stay tuned!
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