Ken Christiansen

(Concept Artist/Illustrator - Transformers)

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Ken Christiansen


Ken Christiansen has been working as drawing machine for over fifteen years, starting as a video game concept artist, at Nintendo of America (Ridge Racer 64, Pokemon Puzzle League), then moving to work in games for the Walt Disney Company (Kingdom Hearts, Finding Nemo). Then in 2004, Ken started his company, Bad Flip Productions, working for video game clients like Disney, Warner Bros., Universal, and Activision. After working with Activision on Transformers the Game, and Revenge of the Fallen, he began working freelance in media development for Hasbro Inc. (Transformers), doing concept art for their film, tv, book, games, and toy initiatives. That expanded into media development beyond the Transformers brand, including Star Wars, Spider-Man, and more.

Ken's current work includes the cover run on Transformers Prime : Rage of the Dinobots (IDW), Star Wars Fighter Pods, and Ultimate Spider-Man Spider Pods. Along with other random bits and pieces, hanging off pegs in the toy aisle