Ken Bald
Legendary Golden Age Timely-Marvel and Dark Shadows Illustrator
(Artist – Captain Marvel; Captain Midnight; Bullet Man; Doc Savage; Spy Smasher; Captain America; Human Torch; Sub-Mariner; Destroyer; Namora; Sun Girl; Miss America; Blonde Phantom; Adventures into the Unknown; Out of the Night; Forbidden Worlds; The Clutching Hand; Dark Shadows)
*Appearing SATURDAY
Ken BaldWizard World Comic Con NYC is honored to officially announce that Golden Age comic artist Ken Bald will be making his first ever appearance at this year’s convention in NYC.

Ken Bald is one of the all-time greats having illustrated Timely-Marvel heroes including Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch, Destroyer, Blonde Phantom, and Miss America. Ken also co-created both Namora and Sun Girl with best friend, Stan Lee, in the mid 1940s. He penciled the very first appearance of Namora in “The Coming of Namora” in Marvel Mystery Comics #82 (1947), and drew the sole issue featuring The Witness (1948) new featured in The Twelve.

At Fawcett, Ken penciled and inked Captain Marvel, Captain Midnight, Bulletman & Bulletgirl, and Spy Smasher. For Street & Smith, Ken did fabulous work on Mandrake the Magician and Doc Savage. Throughout the 1940s and 50s, Ken did numerous horror/suspense stories for American Comics Group’s Adventures into the Unknown, Out of the Night, Forbidden Worlds, and The Clutching Hand.

Ken is also widely known for having illustrated the Dark Shadows comic strip featuring vampire, Barnabas Collins, in the early 1970s.
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