Keith Thomas

(Writer - Writer – Legends of Oz; Tik Tok and the Kalidah; Screwed; Into the Suck; Aspen; Zenescope; BDI)

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Keith Thomas is the writer of Legends of Oz: Tik Tok and the Kalidah issues #2 and #3 which are currently being released by Aspen as well as the creator owned title Tyler Kirkham’s Screwed from Zenescope. He continues to work as a supplemental writer with the Corpse Crew, creators and producers of the Living Corpse and wrote their comic book adaption of the Asylum Films movie 17 to Life: Jailbait for which he proudly received Screen Credit. His next big thing is his very own creator comic in league with Aspen/BDI Artist C.B. Zane entitled Into the Suck! Make sure you stop by and learn more about this.