Katie Shaw

(Cartoonist - Dragon Child)

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Katie Shaw


Katie Shaw is the cartoonist behind Dragon Child, an idea she came up with during her sophomore year of high school. It is a modern day fantasy comic following the life of Ryū Kodomo as she works to peacefully reintroduce mythical creatures (such as dragons and elves) into human society. Katie has designed Dragon Child to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. Once each issue is written, it is hand sketched, scanned, and finally inked on her computer.

Katie was Influenced by author and illustrator Bill Peet, director and cartoonist Hayao Miyazaki, and cartoonist Jeff Smith, artists that she hopes her own work can stand beside proudly. Her story is also influenced by her lifelong love of animals, showcased in the voices and personalities she gave to all her furry and scaly characters.