Karina Marks
(Creator/Artist - Atomic Wonderland)
Karina MarksKarina Marks began by pursuing a career as a professional makeup artist and wig technician here in Chicago. Her extensive training includes work under many talented artists, including Face Off Season 4 winner J. Anthony Kosar. After working as a makeup artist for a few years, Karina began to feel creatively unfulfilled by the many different makeup jobs she was working and yearned for more creative freedom and self-directed projects. Atomic Wonderland began as a hobby to fill the creative void she was feeling, but it quickly grew in to much more. She began with more traditional home décor designs, but when feeling unconnected to her designs, she put a slight twist on things and started to create home décor pieces based around large fandoms and the pop culture world she so adored. These original designs are unlike anything else on the market. Each piece is handmade with love and precision, and strives to really capture the world of the movie, TV show, or comic that the piece is based on. When she’s not knee deep in creating for Atomic Wonderland, Karina also finds happiness in cosplay, many mediums of art, and good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll
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