Kamikaze Kiwi
(Jewelry & Accessories)
Kamikaze KiwiKamikaze Kiwi consist of the crazy boss lady Sofia, she does all the creative, business, working stuff, and Tony ...well he’s the booth babe and ninja cheerleader.

All our jewelry and accessories are handmade or upcycled. We want to provide a wearable poster for all the alternative, nerd, internet, kawaii and sub-culture consumers like us. Reusing and re-purposing things has a huge positive impact on our environment. We’re not just talking nature, but also society. One way that we make our products so unique is by taking the old and making it new again. After all why not make something good while doing some good?

Sofia artist and owner
Gummy candy, retro toys, comics, anime, Dr. Who, Star Trek, list making

Yellow candy, stereotypes, cosplay malfunctions, people who think “Hanz” Solo is correct

On Superheros:
If I were a comic book heroine I would want my super power to be logic. My name would be Logicita and if you didn’t listen to reason I’d beat you with plantains.

Tony ninja and moral support
Video games, music, comics, Captain America, The U.S. of A., bow ties (before they were cool)

Drinking Spirit when you’re expecting water, really flat soda of any kind, the yellow and blue Wolverine costume

On Superheros:
I use to have giant afro, which of course would be the source of my super powers. I’d be known as “Fro-Thunder” and have the ability to manipulate my flawless mane on command.
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