Kai Martin
Kai MartinKai Martin is a fine artist and illustrator born and raised in San Diego, California. In 2013 he married and moved to Portland, Oregon. While he was in San Diego he studied in Graphic Design. He was one the the city’s busiest live painters, doing shows every week in major nightclubs, bars, festivals, art walks, and galleries with the art collective The Infusion Project. His goal is to achieve the same in Portland. His art is influenced by his personal relationship with creative world around him. Textures in music and themes in film informs many of his artistic decisions, but he skews and makes them totally his own through his blend of urban live art and the classic macabre of the EC Comics covers.

His labor of love is Fruition, a long in production and completely independent comic book co written with his colleague Anthony Trevino. The road has been bumpy, but the first issue is slated to arrive for sale on his website and at his art shows early 2015. Fruition is a horror/drama book inspired by the pace and esoteric storytelling of the arthouse horror masters such as Cronenberg, Von Trier, and Franju. The mind bending story is told through multiple character perspectives, and should be as relatable as it is unsettling.

Kai can be reached at kai@kaimartinart.com
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