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Jurassic Park Legacy


Jurassic ParkLegacy debuted to the public on November 12th, 2003. The site has been servingthe community since as the prime information source of Jurassic Park Universeknowledge, with its ever-popular, and all inclusive, Jurassic ParkEncyclopedia, sprouting many of the efforts put forth into"costuming" research and the like for the community. Designed to putthe "Jurassic Park" interest back into the community, the site's allexpansive information does just that.

Jurassic ParkLegacy was not always named as such. It was renamed from the title of"Jurassic Park Movie Universe" on March 30, 2005 due to its revampedmission statement: to provide the fans with a canonically factual resource forthe information organized from the magic of the films, the splendor of thenovels, the wonder of the comics, and so forth, for the curious soul, aspiringfan-fiction writer, and the hard core fans.

The site was relaunched with a new design, and major contentupgrades were made to reflect this. Soon after this, a domain name waspurchased, and again, servers changed, until Jurassic Park Legacy finally grewto what it has become today. It is our goal to be a service to the die hardfans of the movies. We take pride in all of our work here on Jurassic ParkLegacy as we hope for a bright future full of fun, as well as informative,award-winning, and creative content to cover all broad aspects of the JurassicPark fandom. Please join us at www.JPLegacy.org!