Julie Newmar

(Actress - Batman [Catwoman])
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Julie Newmar


Actress, dancer, comedian the beautiful and talented Julie Newmar has become a celebrity icon over our lifetimes. Known for being the quintessential Catwoman,
Julie Newmar retains beauty, brains, and an eclectic sense of humor. As an eleventh generation American and Mayflower descendant, Julia Chalane Newmeyer graduated from high school at 15. She studied dance in Paris and Seville, Spain. By 18, she was choreographing her own dances in Serpent of the Nile, as the original golden girl, a statue come-to-life, often seen on MySpace and YouTube. Next she became one of the
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers in the classic MGM musical.

She won a Tony for her first speaking role on Broadway in the hit comedy Marriage-
Go-Round. A contract with 20th Century Fox provided Marilyn Monroe/Jayne Mansfield 60s-type roles in The Rookie and The Maltese Bippy. Broadway musicals and dance were still her favorite career. By then, her legs were insured for $10 million,
not however, in the event of theft.

A member of the Actor's Studio (Brando, Jane Fonda, Al Pacino), CBS created Rhoda the Robot in the series My Living Doll around her talents as pianist, ballerina, mime artist, and pool shark. The show was about one man's perfect woman.

Purr...fect, she was, as Catwoman in the 66-67 season of Batman, and has remained the show's favorite villain. An excellent Biography on A&E was made of her life.

She performed Stupefyin Jones in the same costume forty-two years after her first Broadway appearance in Lil Abner as the female who can stop any red-blooded American male dead in his tracks.

Few women have had a movie named after them. Julie's name literally became
box office with To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar, a film from
Steven Spielberg's company.

In December 2009, The Paley Center and David Streets Gallery in Beverly Hills put on
a show of her life in photographs, taken by 11 of the world's great photographers. She's an 11 alright, she breaks the mold. At 5ll that's probably true.

Julie is currently working on four books and writing short stories which appear on her website: www.julienewmarwrites.com

Her creatively conceived idea of soliciting responses to Who was your First Fantasy has generated myriad stories from young and old, male and female throughout the world.
There have already been major articles about FIRST FANTASY in the Sunday New York Times Arts & Liesure and the Toronto Globe & Mail. This is the initial book
in the series.