Julian Totino Tedesco

(Artist - X-Treme X-Men; X-Force; Venom; Hulk; X-Men; FF; Daredevil; Spider-Man)

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Julian Totino Tedesco


Totino Tedesco live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he was born in the year of 1982. Student of artists Ariel Olivetti and Juan Bobillo, he began working in the animation and advertising field, as well as an illustrator for local magazines.

In 2009, he started working in the American comic book field, and since then he's been doing interiors and covers for publishers like BOOM! Studios (The Remnant, Unthinkable, Codebreakers) and Kickstart Comics (Rift Raiders, Divine Wind).

Since 2011 he's been doing covers for Marvel (Season One, Uncanny X-Force, Thunderbolts, John Carter: Gods of Mars, Original Sin and more), DC Comics (Pandora, The Witching Hour), and Dark Horse (The Last of Us, Witchfinder, Metro, Creepy Comics and more).