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Julie Benz, Defiance, Joins the Wizard World Comic Con Tour!
“Call me Mayor!”
Julie Benz, <i>Defiance</i>, Joins the Wizard World Comic Con Tour!If ever there was genre royalty, JULIE BENZ, with her superhero physique, career achievements that read more like a laundry list of industry favorites than a resume, and overzealous cult following in tow, would rein queen. The female lead of Syfy’s critically-acclaimed new series “DEFIANCE” (Mondays, 9 p.m.), the first-ever convergence of television and Massive Multiplayer Online gaming, has returned to the small screen as “Amanda Rosewater,“ the city of Defiance’s strong-willed new mayor, opposite male lead Grant Bowler (“Liz & Dick”). Best known to many for her SAG-nominated lead role on Showtime’s 5-time Golden Globe (2009, 2010), 3-time Screen Actors Guild (2009,2010) and 4-time Emmy-nominated (2008, 2009, 2010) infectious series “DEXTER” as the title character’s beloved wife “Rita Bennett,” Benz won the 2006 Golden Satellite Award for “Best Supporting TV Actress” and continues to maintain her legacy as what television critics unanimously concede as “one of the most shocking deaths ever in television history.”

As the idealistic new mayor appointed to keep preside over “DEFIANCE’s” bustling mining boomtown of the same name, Benz absorbs the daunting task of keep its citizens peaceful. “DEFIANCE” was born in an unprecedented partnership between Syfy and Trion Worlds as the first-ever convergence of television and Massive Multiplayer Online gaming, featuring an interconnect world that co-exists throughout a scripted drama series and a multi-platform MMO shooter (debuted simultaneous in April 2013). Set in the near future, the Kevin Murphy-produced series introduced an exotically-transformed planet Earth, permanently altered following the sudden – and tumultuous—arrival of seven unique alien races who must learn to co-exists peacefully. “DEFIANCE” also stars Tony Curran and Jaime Murray, in addition to Benz and Bowler.

Following her exit from “DEXTER,” Benz joined ABC’s smash hit “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES” for a multi-episode arc as Robin, a stripper with a heart of gold and a Masters degree in education. When Susan (Teri Hatcher) offers Robin her the chance to transition into a more legitimate career, she jumps at it and ends up having a love affair with Wisteria Lane regular Katherine (Dana Delany).

From 2010-2011 Benz starred in ABC’s fan favorite “NO ORDINARY FAMILY” co-starring Michael Chiklis from FX’s “THE SHIELD.” The series centered on a seemingly normal American family who one day finds that they have developed super abilities. Benz played Chiklis’ wife, a scientist who develops a power for superspeed. And as if that did not keep her busy enough, Benz joined CBS’s “A GIFTED MAN,” playing sister to lead Patrick Wilson’s self-absorbed surgeon character, who questions his life after being visited by the spirit of his deceased ex-wife.

Benz also starred in cult-classics such as “BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER,” “ANGEL,” and “ROSWELL,” and Steven Spielberg-produced alien abduction miniseries, “TAKEN,” and has never been one to shy away from the challenging roles. She also made several special guest appearances on hit TV shows such as “SUPERNATURAL,” “CSI,” and “LAW AND ORDER.”

On the big screen, she continued her streak as “Eunice Bloom,“ reuniting herself with the original cast playing the only female lead in the highly-anticipated sequel to the cult-classic “BOONDOCK SAINTS,” “BOONDOCK SAINTS II: ALL SAINTS DAY.” She starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in 2008’s most-gruesome action film, “RAMBO IV,” and darkened her hair, and mindset, to play the vengeful blue-collar wife of a murdered cop in “THE PUNISHER: WAR ZONE.” Though her rise as cult-favorite heroine has won the hearts of many thrill-seekers, don’t forget to add her to one of the most-successful chillers in the “SAW“ series, “SAW 5” as one of JigSaw’s latest victims. Benz also had a great turn with Jack Nicholson in “AS GOOD AS IT GETS” and starred with Rose McGowan, Pam Grier, Judy Greer and Rebecca Gayheart in the cult hit “JAWBREAKER.”

Benz also stars in the upcoming Lifetime film “TAKEN: THE SEARCH FOR SOPHIE PARKER” and indie thriller “SOLE CUSTODY.”
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