Juan C. Heinrich

(Writer & Artist - Slave; Hound Comics)

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Juan C. Heinrich


Juan C. Heinrich was a chronic doodler growing up, constantly ruining the tops of tables, desks and pretty much any surface he could touch with pencils, pens, and markers. He drew his first self-portrait at 6 years old with a package of pastels. He immediately became attracted to comic book art, loving the excitement and graphic look and feel of the characters on the page. After years of wandering, he has focused his skills into being a freelance illustrator.

Currently living in Southern Arizona, Juan has had a variety of experiences in and out of the comic book field. He has worked for some major Hollywood studios as a storyboard and conceptual storyboard artist, as well as worked on projects for the Native American community, focusing on child developmental health.

Also an avid independent filmmaker, Juan has a knack for designing and editing. Among his talents he is also an amateur musician, a writer, and an actor when the mood strikes him. He has a head for business, although battling between the right and left-brain does get a little tedious. But really, he would call himself simply a storyteller at heart.

Recently in 2012, Juan managed to catch the attention of Hound Comics with his first Issue of Slave. A stroke of good fortune for the freelance artist!

Today, Juan aspires to bring his stories, however dark or twisted they may be, to people. His passion for characters and action will bring excitement and satisfaction to his future readers.

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