Joshua Thunderbird

(Sketch Card Artist)

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Joshua Thunderbird


Joshua Thunderbird is an award winning freelance Graphic Artist and Illustrator from Chicago, IL.

J.T. (as he prefers to be called) has been working as an artist for 20 years now, since he started interning at a screen printing company at age 15. His art has been seen on t-shirts and merchandise for over 50 different high schools in 4 different states. J.T. has also been doing graphic design and merchandise for several local semi-professional sports teams. If youre from the Chicago area, chances are youve seen something of J.T.'s and didnt even know it.

He lives with his dog Snickers, and is more than happy to show pics of his little girl. In fact she is the subject of quite a few of his pieces. He enjoys a nice vodka martini, horror films, hot tubs, fart jokes, vintage saturday night live, and old school 80's metal.