J. T. Krul

(Writer - Teen Titans; Green Arrow; Soulfire; Justice League; Wonder Girl; JSA Classified; Superman/Batman; Mindfield; Titans; Fathom; G.I. Joe; Blackest Night; Spider-Man Unlimited; X-Men Unlimited, Production Coordinator - Seinfeld, Asst. to Exec. Producer - Clerks)

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J. T. Krul


Born and raised in Michigan, I got a B.A. from Michigan State University in Film and Video Production before heading west to Los Angeles in 1996. After getting my start in television production on the legendary sitcom, SEINFELD, I broke into writing with MARVEL COMICS on X-MEN UNLIMITED and SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED. I then joined MICHAEL TURNER and ASPEN COMICS, writing for their flagship properties, FATHOM and SOULFIRE. I am currently working on the latest volumes for both titles. In addition, I launched my first creator-owned project at ASPEN COMICS called MINDFIELD, which premiered in 2010. At DC COMICS, I contributed to the hugely successful BLACKEST NIGHT event in the pages of BLACKEST NIGHT: TITANS, TEEN TITANS, and the BLACK LANTERN GREEN ARROW special. I wrote both GREEN ARROW and the JL:RISE OF ARSENAL miniseries as part of the RISE AND FALL storyline - which all led up to relaunching an all-new GREEN ARROW in June of 2010. Later in 2010, I will also be taking over TEEN TITANS. I have also written for DYNAMITE COMICS (RED SONJA, HIGHLANDER: WAY OF THE SWORD) and worked with NBC STUDIOS, writing for their HEROES graphic novels, as well as consulting on various other online projects. I live in Southern California and am blessed with an amazing wife and two wonderful daughters.