(Artist - Super Emo Friends)

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JSalvador's Super Emo Friends series began in 2009 with a simple sketch: a melancholy, kawaii style Batman-like character stating, My parents are dead. J expanded his dark emotive joke into the lives of other super heroes, expanding to a collection of 12 character explorations that only a true fan of the genre could connect with and understand. Geek blog after geek blog caught wind of J's work and it went viral, garnering hundreds of thousands of new fans from across the globe. Since their debut, the Super Emo Friends have experienced nothing but smiles and adoration from emotional audiences as J explores film, television and even the fast food industry. True fan art for true fans, it's no surprise that many collections can be found in the offices of Disney, Nickelodeon and Naughty Dog. And to top off 2013, Stan Lee himself commissioned a series of Super Emo Friends in the image of himself and his famous creations. With the love and support from fans aged 6 to 60, JSalvador's Super Emo Friends wont soon be forgotten in the world of geek culture.