JP Roth
JP RothJP Roth is a writer, artist and entrepreneur who has been freelance writing for the last 10 years.

On the initial launch of her flagship series Ancient Dreams, she immediately became a “Con favorite”.

All of her subsequent series are heavily based in all realms of Lore. As a Mythology major, JP Roth sticks very strictly to actual, mythos, with her stories intertwined.

JP Roth launched her own model of comics, “They’re not comics, they are Rothic Novels”.

She hit the scene as a self-published author in 2012 and has since sold over 60,000 Rothic Novels at Conventions across the US and online.

JP Roth’s current series include:

Ancient Dreams - Flagship Series launched in 2012 - 20,000 copies sold to date
Southern Nightgown - Launched in 2012 - 20,000 copies sold to date
REM 8 - Launched in 2013 - 15,000 - copies sold to date
Theory of Magic - Launched in 2014 - 11,000 - copies sold to date
Kiss - Launched in 2014 - 8,000 - Copies sold to date
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