J. Powell Ogden

(Author - The Guardian’s Playlist, The Devil's Playlist)

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J. Powell Ogden is the author of two PARANORMAL ROMANCE novels, THE GUARDIAN’S PLAYLIST and its sequel, THE DEVIL’S PLAYLIST, which releases on 05.13.16.

The daughter of a NASA scientist and a one-time nun, J. Powell Ogden grew up on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio, graduated from The Ohio State University with a degree in Engineering then headed west to the badlands of North Dakota to design sanitation projects on Native American Indian lands. Upon her return to Ohio, she took a job with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, but found her interest wandering after her children were born.

Loving books, especially paranormal, fantasy, sci-fi and horror, she was often let down when the magic died after the last page. She wanted a book illustrating a magic with staying power, and she set out to create her own. The resulting story about a boy who dies in the Cleveland Metroparks and becomes trapped there and the girl who tries to free him follows the two teens' desperate attempt to escape the demons who haunt them, both real and imagined.

With two novels in the trilogy down and one to go, J. Powell Ogden is hard at work finishing the series, plotting a spin-off novel and planning her next project. She also loves spending time with her family and people she cares about who are in recovery from addiction and suicidal ideation, sharing a message of hope, and receiving the support she needs to maintain her own sobriety and clean time. Find out more about J. Powell Ogden and her novels at http://www.jpowellogden.com.