J. Powell Ogden
(Author - The Guardian’s Playlist)
J. Powell OgdenWhat if you had a secret so far out there, you knew if you told anyone you would be labeled a freak forever? Catherine Forsythe, a teen from Fairview Park, Ohio, has such a secret. She believes she has an Angel who plays songs for her on the radio whenever life gets rough. She knows that’s crazy. Really. But her list of songs keeps growing. Luckily, her life’s pretty easy—or at least it was until the boy with the sword tattoo showed up on her bus. He was aloof around everyone else, but around her he turned on a shy grin that just kept her guessing. And despite the rumors about drugs and violence in his past, that grin reeled her in. That’s when everything went to Hell.

Because Catherine doesn’t just have Angels populating her thoughts, she has demons too. They live in her dreams. She thought they would stay there until she watched the life of the boy with the tattoo blow up in his face. Now she thinks they’re hunting him. And if that’s true, his only chance for escape lies in facing his past—a past he’ll do almost anything to forget.

Find out if Catherine can save her new streetwise friend in The Guardian’s Playlist, J. Powell Ogden’s Angel, Demon & Ghost packed novel set in the suburbs and woods that hug Cleveland’s west side.

The Guardian’s Playlist is the first novel in J. Powell Ogden’s Playlist Trilogy. She grew up in North Olmsted, Ohio, not far from the woods that haunt her novel. She now resides in Dublin, Ohio with her husband, two cats, and three children.

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