Joshua L. Heckert


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Joshua L. Heckert


Born in the small town of Lake City, TN, Joshua L. Heckert seemed average in every way except one. His art. Art is not simply a hobby, but a lifestyle, says Joshua. He tries to live everyday as creative as possible, sharing that creativity with those around him. Joshua is versed in a variety of different artistic fields; from graffiti, acrylic painting, fine art illustration, graphic design, air-brushing and tattooing. Joshua has won numerous awards and in 2000 recognized by the state of Pennsylvania for Art. Today, Joshua lives outside of York, PA with his wife while working to supplement his career as an artist. Joshua says, I try my best to live well. My faith in God and my loved ones keeps me moving forward. So that's what I do, keep growing, keep evolving, and keep learning. Joshua is also apart of two graffiti crews: WBC-when boredom comes and ESC- out of East London.