Josh Burcham

(Artist - Samurai Jack; The Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye)

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Josh Burcham


Josh Burcham is an American comic book Colorist/Illustrator working out of Oregon. A 9 year professional, with over 100 issues to his credit, Josh is best known for his digital color work on Hasbro's popular TRANSFORMERS comic books and graphic novels. Such titles as Dreamwave Production's hit The War Within mini-series, IDW Publishing's 2007 Transformers Movie graphic novel Prequel to the hit Michael Bay live action film, Transformers: Stormbringer, Beast Wars, All Hail Megatron, and more recently the critically and fan acclaimed Last Stand of the Wreckers mini-series and current running More Than Meets The Eye ongoing series and Cartoon Network's Samurai Jack comic series!

Josh has also put not just his skill for color but his illustrative qualities to use on 2013's Official Transformers Botcon convention comic book and toy artwork, various alternate covers, sketch covers bringing in the launch of IDW's newest Transformers ongoing title More Than Meets The Eye, freelance concept and production artwork for Hasbro Toys Inc., and artwork bringing in the launch of one of Mozilla's more recent Firefox applications, as well as exclusive artist sketch cards for Topps 2007 Transformers movie collectible card set! You can be sure that wherever giant transforming robots can be found, Josh isnt too far behind!