Joseph Grau

(Creator/Illustrator/Author - The Quarp!)

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Joseph Grau


Joseph Grau is the creator, illustrator and author of The Quarp! A startling and original graphic novel that will burst onto the entertainment scene in 2012. The Quarp! is the flagship title of the Hyperspace Pictures line of products from artist Joseph Grau. A graphic novel adventure that combines everything you love about science fiction, fantasy, and adventure. It's geared towards all age groups. His art has been published in Heavy Metal Magazine. Joe has been approached my MGM/UA and many other production companies for his unique techniques in the art of conceptual design and graphics. Batman creator Bob Kane worked with Grau on a new version of Batman when he discovered the comic strip, The Quarp! In No Win Scenario, in Heavy Metal magazine, in 1983. This was his first published work after a short internship at Archie comics in 1980. The late Bob Kane assured him that his talent will have a unique effect on the future of film, animation and comics. Since then he has worked as a graphic/conceptual artist on numerous projects. Today, his focus is primarily his creator-owned properties. He is currently applying his final story and art details to the 2012 spring linep of the following Hyperspace Pictures graphic novels:

Gene Genocide inUtopia: Destination Nowhere and 2012 by Joseph Grau is an anti-war morality tale. It takes place in the far future where Man must finally decide what War has done to our species here on earth. Gene Genocide is the name of the hero or anti-hero, depending on your point of view. Gene Genocide must confront the issue of war for all our sakes whether we want him to or not. Grau has written a screenplay and graphic novel called Utopia: Destination Nowhere. He is currently pitching this property to the TV, Film and animation industries.

Alienheat: Chapter one: The Eyes of Axtox and 2012 by Joseph Grau is the first of many installments in the Alienheat saga. This series follows the life of Axtox, an ancient earthborn artist who mysteriously metamorphosed into an intergalactic traveler called Axtox, which has the uncanny ability to tap into the dark matters of the universe. These stories will depict anything and everything poetic and surreal which will showcase Axtox's journey through time and space.

Supernova and 2012 by Joseph Grau is a tale about a woman living in the far future who is at a vital crossroad in her life. She's a citizen of The Union Galactic Empire in the 30Th century & must decide what literally and who she is. Supernova is a story about the unexpected advancement of a woman biotechnologically enhanced by an alien robot which puts her through the most important test of her life. The question is- To be a conformist and accept the lies given to her or to break all the rules in order to change her society forever Supernova is a quest adventure that ends all quest adventures.

H and 2012 by Joseph Grau is another study in man's search for answers in the ether of space-time. This time the main character is an artist torn into three very unique personalities. One: a human male, two: a child, and three: a monster from the 12th dimension. His name is H. And his journey begins when he mysteriously discovers a box of antediluvian art tools that enable him to paint 4th dimensional images on the air itself. This ability immediately turns from an artist's dream to a man's nightmare of monumental proportions. The first chapter of H was first published in the Fall 2000 issue of Heavy Metal magazine. The saga of H will continue in 2012.

These graphic novels will stimulate and entertain adult audiences in a fun and hyper-surreal comic's vein and are sure to shake the foundations of science fiction/fantasy storytelling. This prolific craftsman promises to transport audiences via these properties to unique and unimaginable worlds with breathtaking art and wondrous stories.

All art, stories, and characters are and 2012 by Joseph Grau and Hyperspace Pictures LLC. All rights reserved.

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