Joseph Culp
(Actor - The Fantastic Four; Apollo 13; Mad Men; Star Trek: DS9; The Reflecting Pool; The Arrival; Assault on Dome 4)
Joseph CulpActor, writer, producer and director, Joseph Culp has been working in theatre, film and television for over 25 years. Comic fans know Joseph as the first actor ever to play the infamous “Doctor Doom” in the first film version of Marvel’s “The Fantastic Four.” His numerous acting credits include leading roles in Alan J. Pakula’s “Dream Lover,” Monte Hellman’s “Iguana” and Maria Novaro’s “El Jardin del Eden.” He was featured in Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13” and Mario Van Peebles’ “Panther” and “Badassss.” Television credits include “ER” and “Deep Space Nine.” Joseph won international critical acclaim for his performance as the starving writer in “Hunger” an adaptation of Nobel winner Knut Hamsun’s classic novel, which he also produced and which featured his father, veteran actor Robert Culp. Joseph produced and co-starred in the award-winning feature “The Reflecting Pool,” the first investigative drama about the 9/11 attacks. Joseph has won several awards for his theatre and film work and is the founder of the L.A.-based Walking Theatre Group, integrating theatre, film and transpersonal work for actors, writers, and directors. Recently he was seen as “Archie Whitman” the Depression-era father of “Don Draper” on the Emmy-winning television series “Mad Men.”
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