Jose Holder

(Artist Marvel Assistant Sized Spectacular; Legion: Prophets; Incorruptible; Outlaw Territory; R.P.M.; Tall Tales From The Badlands; I.C.E.)

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Jose Holder


UK born artist Jose Holder has enjoyed a career in the arts for some time now.

After gaining his degree in Architecture and working as a draftsman for several years he stumbled onto graphical design, creating vector-based products for his business clientele through Apocalypse Studios, a multi-media production house.

The Montreal studio expanded, blossoming into an educational venue for those passionate about comic book illustration and storytelling, enrolling hundreds of students from around the world. 10 years of teaching lead to videogame work as Lead Artist designing titles for PSP, Gamecube, Xbox, and Ps2 platforms.

Storyboarding and concept work dominated the last two decades, offering up opportunities to create cinematics for hundreds of television commercials, music videos, stage shows, animated works, and feature films including The Mummy 3, Taking Lives, Screamers 2, Orphan, and the 2011 horror film The Moth Diaries (directed by Mary Harron). Bitten by the directing bug, Jose's work has aired on tv and plans to venture further into film.

Holder has since graduated to comic book artist, penciling and inking books for Marvel, IDW, BOOM!, Image, and most recently 12GaugeComics high octane series RPM, written by WWE Champion & New York Times bestseller Mick Foley, and producer Shane Riches.

Currently, Jose is simultaneously illustrating two-4 issue comic series, including the highly anticipated I.C.E. from 12Gauge, storyboarding for game giant UbiSOFT, developing a web series called Stratford Mines, and trying his best to survive P90X!