Jordan Lamarre-Wan

(Concept Artist - Disney Interactive [Junction Point Studios]; Epic Mickey; Akira)

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Jordan Lamarre-Wan


Jordan is originally from Montreal. He studied Film Animation at Sheridan College where he graduated with a strong portfolio and got hired to work in Austin as a concept artist on Disney's Epic Mickey.

He quickly establishes himself in the video game industry as his images make it on the Game Informer cover, the Nintendo Power cover and goes on to win the Into the Pixel 2010 Award. His work on Epic Mickey is showcased in the new Art of Epic Mickey book that was recently published.

He is also the creator of the Akira project, the Novus project and a member of the Dune project; all three being side projects encouraging professionals to work on something they love out of passion.

In animation, Jordan's contribution includes shows such as Warner Bros Johnny Test, George of the Jungle, Busytown Mysteries, Delilah and Julius and Mystery Hunters.

Jordan is currently working at Disney Interactive's Junction Point Studio on an unnanounced title.