Jordan Gunderson
(Artist - Grimm Fairy Tales; Warhammer 40K; Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf; Executive Assistant: Assassins)
Jordan GundersonJordan Gunderson was raised in a small town in South Central Wisconsin, where he learned the craft of the pencil at a young age. His early years were spent filling the pages of his school notebooks with incoherent sketches and doodles. Knowing that art was his calling, he set out for college, earning a BFA in Multimedia Design. After spending time as a Graphic Designer and a 3D Artist, Jordan decided to give his love for comics a try.

His first big break came when he had the chance to draw an issue of Grimm Fairy Tales. Since his first book, Jordan has worked on titles such as Warhammer 40K, Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf and Executive Assistant: Assassins. Jordan resides outside of Madison, Wisconsin, where he works zealously to make a name for himself in the comic book industry and to get his own series, Dissension, into production.
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