Jolly Blackburn
(Writer/Artist - Knights Of The Dinner Table; HackMasters of EverKnight)
Jolly BlackburnTwenty years ago while editing the small press magazine, Shadis, Jolly blackburn 'accidentally' created a comic strip called Knights of the Dinner Table to serve as 'filler' on an empty page. It was something of a 'creative burp' and Jolly really didn't give it much thought. Perhaps that's why he was just as surprised as anyone when the comic strip soon was overshadowing everything else he'd ever done and that the created was now controlling the creator. That was over twenty years That was twenty years ago. Knights of the Dinner Table eventually became a monthly comic book (now approaching its 200th issue) and has generated over 40 trade paperbacks. Jolly works from home drawing his characters and designing games still amazed that his motley crew of poorly drawn characters have taken him on such a wonderful journey.
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