John Sazaklis
(Writer - Batman Classic: Dawn of the Dynamic Duo; Superman Classic: Escape from the Phantom Zone)
John SazaklisJohn Sazaklis is a Greek-American writer, illustrator, and graphic designer living in New York City. By day, he works at HarperCollins Publishers. John designs and art directs many kid-friendly tie-ins for movie properties like Transformers, Iron Man, X-Men, the Dark Knight Rises and the upcoming Man of Steel. By night, he is a lean, mean, writing machine.

His first childrenís book, Batman: Gothamís Villains Unleashed!, became a New York Times best-seller. Johnís writing success continued with DC Super-Pets, the young reader series illustrated by Earthís mightiest mortal, Art Baltazar. Together, he and Art brought the adventures of Streaky, Ace, Hoppy, and the Terrific Whatzit to life. Johnís other writing credits include books featuring Superman, Spider-Man, and the Dark Knight.

John has also illustrated two Spider-Man titles for the chapter book series ĎSpider-Sense.í You can see more of his artistic creations, doodles and drawings at his blog; In his spare time he enjoys taking a bite out of the Big Apple with his beautiful wife Nicoletta.
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