John Malloy

(Artist - PopGun; Peace Tea; Illusive 3)

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John Malloy


Born in rural northern Pennsylvania to a cemetary caretaker and a coal-miner's daughter, John Malloy began drawing at very young age. He later earned a background in old master's style painting and has since been self-taught in fine art, illustration, comics, and design.

His illustrations have been featured in a variety of publications, including The Big Book of Contemporary Illustration and the 'Illusive 3' Book of Contemporary Illustration.

In sequential art [comix] he has designed and illustrated musician-interviews for the award-winning Lemon Magazine, and is presently at work on a semi-autobiographical graphic novel titled, "Queasy," which appears in Image Comics PopGun Anthology #4.

He currently lives with Amy, his heroine, and Lucita, his steed [a chihuahua].

He is available for freelance and commission.