John Holland
(Writer - Diebold; Quantum Leap; I Before E; Deathworld; Critters; Death Rattle; Amazing Comics Premieres)
John HollandJohn Holland is a writer that's attempting a second try at the comic industry. In the 90s he had work with such publishers as Fantagraphics, Innovation, Kitchen Sink, Malibu and others. He worked briefly with Sam Kieth before Mr. Keith became famous and their work together can be found in Sam's I BEFORE E comic. With Innovation he wrote the Christmas issue of QUANTUM LEAP. His longest running series was LIZARDS in Fantagraphics CRITTERS comic. One of the last comics he wrote was DIEBOLD which he self published with artist Brian Clifton. Fast forward a dozen years and he is making a second go at writing comics. Currently he is writing the webcomic SKYE BLEU and has a column about comics at the site AT THA MOVIES. Coming up is the webcomic DIEBOLD as he re introduces the series to new readers. He is also working on a few other ideas with some artists and has plans for more webcomics.

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