John Dawson Jackson

(Author - The Relics; The Rise and Fall of Empire: A Love Story)

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John Dawson Jackson


Born in a ditch beside a busy highway, John Dawson Jackson never knew his parents. Taken in by wealthy philanthropists Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Elmo Jackson, he was trained from the age of two in classical piano. A horrible accident left his arm damaged, ending his dream before it began. He was forced to undertake control of his adopted father's oil business, a company that allowed him to travel the globe and explore the far reaches of civilization. As he studied the ancient carvings of the Mesopotamians, he realized just how much of our history has been covered up by powerful people. These findings have been collected into his new novel The Relics.

Or maybe that isnt true at all. Maybe this is true...

John Dawson Jackson is an independent author based out of the Knoxville, TN, area who has a broad spectrum of interests. Predominantly, his novels integrate the genres of fantasy, history, and horror with intriguing mind bending qualities. All of his works are based in the supernatural and exist within the same universe- a sometimes frightening, but always exhilarating place where Jackson enjoys playing with the interconnectivity of what is real, myth, and rumor.

His first novel, The Relics, charts a path through history, blending both fact and fiction as ancient objects of power shape lives and bring together some of the most interesting and terrifying characters the world has ever seen as they realize their collective destinies. Years of research and planning went into this novel with great attention paid to detail and accuracy. The epic tale has only just begun as he is always collecting new ideas and plans to continue with a series following the primeval forces which have molded the course of human history, unbeknownst to all but those who have inherited The Relics.

His second, The Rise and Fall of Empire: A Love Story, stars the untrustworthy Jason Silver, a high school senior with a mysterious job and strange friends. He is smart, though not living up to his full potential. The new girl in town doesnt seem to mind though. Is it true love or just another tryst As an ancient evil takes shape in the form of Jason's best friend, the dead begin to rise and the town begins to fall. Jason may just be the answer to the demon threatening the quarantined city. The story progresses and the town's situation becomes more dire as the zombies become more and more disturbing and are joined by a demon queen, sniper assassins, and a meeting with the new girlfriend's father. When things heat up, Jason reveals himself to be a part of the Circuit, a group of specialists who take cash for the adventure of a lifetime. Friends become lovers, enemies, and some just might not make it out alive. Finally confronted with the horrifying creature and his many minions, Jason just might turn out to be the most sinister of them all.

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